UV802L at a glance


  • Dialog-controlled operation with confirmation prompts
  • Programmable dosage limits
  • Light-emitting space determination aid


  • Powerful integrated cooling system
  • Establishment of erythemal thresholds(Variocontrol and test unit are available optionally as accessories, see section accessories)
  • Photopatch and photoprovocation tests
  • Structured acrylic glass cover for optimal homogeneity


  • Electrically continuous height adjustment, unit pivotable by +/-90 degrees
  • Large smooth-runnung castors with brakes for mobile use
  • Compact dimensions

UV802L technical data



Weight(excluding packaging)
Color combination
Supply voltage/Frequency
Power consumption
Connection cable
MDD classification

approx.714mm x approx.981mm x
min. approx. 1075mm/max. approx. 1952mm
in all directions via 4 castors
approx. 52kg
similar to RAL 9006(white aluminum)
similar to RAL 7016(anthracite gray)
230V / 50Hz
220V / 60Hz
0.4kW / cosφ0.98
0.4kW / cosφ0.99
approx. 5m with shock-proof pulg
Class II a

Configuration variants

Monotherapy devices

Combined therapy devices

UV coompact lamps(UVA)
UV coompact lamps(UVB)
UV coompact lamps(UVB)

UV coompact lamps(UVA/UVB)
UV coompact lamps(UVA/UVB)

6 x PUVA 36W
6 x UV6 36W
6 x TL01 36W

3 x PUVA 36W / 3 x UV6 36W
3 x PUVA 36W / 3 x TL01 36W

(broadband UVB)
(narrowband UVB)

(broadband UVB)
(narrowband UVB)