"High-tech in the name of medical science"-this was the motivation for our engineers and technicians to create a comprehensive solution for professional phototherapy. Based on decades of experience and using the knowledge gained from a permanent and intense dialog with dermatologists, the criteria for a future-oriented system concept were defined and innovatively implemenred. In light of its overall concept as well as its various details, the UV7002 marks the technological progress that offers new treatment options as well ad providing interesting economic perspectives.

Easy to operate UV7002 therapy system is characterized by constant measurement and dosage adjustment and extra-long UV lamps.

UV7002 at a glance


  • UV sensor system for precise dosimetry
  • Dialog-controlled operation with confirmation prompts
  • Programmable dosage limits
  • Acrylic glass covers in front of the lamps
  • Patient alarm
  • Viewing window
  • Grab rails ensure balance
  • PC control with DermaMate sofeware package



  • 2-meter long lamps for homogeneous irradiation from head to toe
  • High-gloss internal reflectors, geometrically designed for
  • improved performance
  • Hard foam foot platform for improved ankle irradiation
  • Intelligent, temperature controlled cooling system
  • Closed-circuit filter system for cooling the unit



  • Large double-wing door for easy access
  • Internal illumination
  • Internal control panel with remaining time display and control functions
  • Electronically adjustable multi-stage patient cooling
  • TFT monitor with 10.4" touchscreen
  • Compartment for crepe paper for improved hygiene on the patient platform


UV7002 technical data


Exterior dimensions(W x D x H)
- Closed
- Open
Interior dimensions (Φ x H)
Weight (excluding packaging)
Required ceiling height
Color combination

Connection cable
MDD classification

similar to RAL 9006 (white aluminum)
similar ro RAL 7016 (anthracite gray)
Class Ⅱ a

Configuration variants

Monotherapy devices

Combined therapy devices

UV lamps(UVA)
UV lamps(UVB)

UV lamps(UVA/UVB)

42xPUVA 120W
42xTL01 120W

21xPUVA 120W / 21x TL01 120W

(narrowband UVB)

(narrowband UVB)