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The Waldmann UV100L device series was developed for use in the semi-professional field and for medical care applications in a domestic environment. The strict safety standards in place mean that the attending specialist can allow responsible-minded patients to perform the phototherapy in their home setting. Regular visitsto the doctor are however also essential with home therapy in order to ensure optimal medical care.

Owing to the compact dimensions of the devuce, only a small amount of space is required  in both scenarios. In addition to flexicle handling thanks to smooth-running castors, wall mounting is also possible.

The fully equipped version with fold-out side parts allows homogeneous irradiation from head to toe, including the sides of the body, with just a single body rotation.

UV100L at a glance


  • Dialog-controlled operation with confirmation prompts
  • Programmble dosage limits
  • Function for repeat irradiation without renewed dosage entry
  • Code activation to prevent unauthorized use


  • High-gloss internal reflectors, geometrically designed for improved performance
  • Fully equipped : Fold-out sides for homogeneous irradiation of the sides of the body at the same time
  • Standard version : Side parts can be retrofitted at any time - without the need for tools
  • Low power consumption



  • Integrated wall mounting option
  • Fully equipped : Ergonomic front handles
  • Large smooth-running castors with brakes for mobile use
  • Compact dimensions


UV100L technical data


Weight(excluding packaging)
Color combination
Supply voltage/Frequency
Max.power consumption
Connection cable
MDD classification

in all directions via 4 castors
similar to RAL 9006 | similar to RAL 7016
230V/50Hz   |    220V/60Hz
0.95kW / cosφ0.98   |    0.90kW / cosφ0.98
approx.5m with shaped plug
Class Ⅱa

Configuration variants

Monotherapy devices (standard version)

UV lamps(UVA) 4 x PUVA 100W
UV lamps(UVA) 4 x UVA-1100W
UV lamps(UVB) 4 x UV6 100W (broadband UVB)
UV lamps(UVB) 4 x TL01 100W (narrowband UVB)